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12 reasons for an accountant to choose SimplBooks software (One Comment)

SimplBooks is a fully web-based accounting software that is powerful enough for an accountant and at the same time simple enough for a small business. We have all the necessary manuals and free customer support who will be happy to help you. We also offer the SimplBooks software training, where you might get a faster hang of the program. We have a separate office package for accountants and accounting firms – find more information here.

Check SimplBooks advantages over other software for accountants

1. SimplBooks has a pre-configured chart of accounts (including for NGOs) and basic financial statements. If necessary, the settings of both the chart of accounts and the reports can be adjusted according to the needs of the company. Setting up accounts of the company is quick and easy, and you can start entering sales or purchase invoices immediately.

2. Fixed asset accounting, production, templates – all contain within the same package. There are no extra fees and you can manage everything from one place. In addition, of course, inventory accounting and interfaces with e-shops, Telema, Costpocket, banks, Envoice and Omniva. You can see all the functionality here.

3. Depreciation entries are generated automatically in fixed asset accounting – in some other software you need to create them manually, but not in SimplBooks.

4. Automatic import of banking transactions – banking transactions can be imported into SimplBooks automatically and with a few clicks through the LHV and SEB interfaces.

5. Integrated e-invoices, or e-invoices, can be exported and imported from SimplBooks as a file for both sales and purchase invoices. Besides, e-invoicing in SimplBooks is free.

6. SimplBooks has customizable document templates where you can create your own invoices and offers. For example, document templates can be made in colours of a company logo. The choice includes different fonts, font sizes, font and background colours, and an option of adding images.

7. Data of transaction partners can be added automatically from the Commercial Register. It is no longer necessary to write the transaction partner’s data one by one on the invoices, but such data is added automatically from the Commercial Register. Just start entering the company name in the customer name box and the system will automatically provide matches.

8. Continuous automatic updates – in 2019, we released a total of 53 software updates, i.e. an average of 1 update per week. We use automated tests in development to help ensure that updates do not interfere with users. As a result, 99.9% of updates come out without disturbing our users. We are constantly developing and updating SimplBooks software to reduce manual data entry and automate more operations. Everything in order to make our software as convenient and easy in use as possible.

9. Change / correct entries and accounting data easily. Made an accounting error? Don’t worry: with SimplBooks, it is easy to correct / delete entries and transactions as required. At the same time, there is no need to be afraid that someone may accidentally delete something, because periods can be locked, and user rights can be restricted very precisely.

10. Precise selection of user rights – It is important that you may give a company the access to the software (for example, to create sales invoices and view reports), more importantly, you can enable or disable the rights very precisely (view, change, delete). There are also different user groups where permissions are already set by default.

11. Suitable for e-residents. SimplBooks has multilingualism (EST, ENG, RUS, FIN), which means that every user can easily change language and use the environment in the language of their choice. For example, an accountant uses the environment in Estonian, an e-resident in English and an employee – in Russian. User guides and our support are also available in all languages.

12. User activity log + data recovery. In each environment, you can see the activity history of all users. This is in case, for example, if an entry error has occurred and needs to be investigated. When problems or entered errors occur, it is possible to restore old data with our help (for no more than 2 weeks).

If you are not familiar with SimplBooks yet, just start out with trying our DEMO version!

Try SimplBooks for free the first 30 days and all you have to do is register an account here.

We also have many helpful manuals that you can find here.

ATTENTION! The topics and articles in SimplBooks blog may not be legally accurate and we recommend to consult with a professional. The authors of SimplBooks do their best, but do not take any responsibility for mistakes in the articles. Laws that change over time must also be taken into account.

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