Sales and purchase

It takes just a few minutes to prepare and send your first sales invoice. SimplBooks has a comprehensive and flexible sales channel that includes offers, orders, proforma invoices and sales invoices. Every company is free to use only the part of the sales channel that suits them, such as only offers and sales invoices. On the purchasing side, there are orders, purchase invoices and various expense reports. Both sales and purchase invoices support e-invoices.

  • sending sales invoices as PDF files and e-invoices
  • importing purchase invoices as e-invoices
  • automatic import of bank transactions
  • customisable sales invoice templates (PDF)
  • automatic import of expense documents
  • periodic invoices

Interfaces with online stores

In its main plan, SimplBooks offers semi-automated interfaces with various popular online stores like WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Shopify. Semi-automated means that in order to import sales orders from the online store, you have to start the import yourself, ie it is not done automatically (nightly, for example). If you have stricter demands, you can either get the relevant interface from one of our partners or develop it yourself through the API functionality.

Importing purchase invoices

Import purchase invoices either from an e-invoice file on your computer or through an e-invoice interface like Envoice, FinBite or CostPocket. With these interfaces, you can set up a fully automatic process so that the system imports e-invoices every morning and, if no errors are detected, saves them under purchase invoices or expense documents.


Send or receive e-invoices. Both e-invoice files on your computer and e-invoices received through various interfaces are compatible. If you need to send only a few e-invoices per month, you can do it in SimplBooks for free. In addition, SimplBooks allows you to export all your sales and purchase invoices as e-invoices in case you want to back them up.

Bank interfaces

Bank interfaces allow you to monitor incoming sales invoices more easily and automatically, and you can also send payment orders for purchase invoices to the bank for approval in just a few clicks. If you wish, you can turn on fully automated processing of bank transactions, where the system stores the transaction either as a receivable, payment, entry or salary payment.

Customisable document templates

Customise your company’s document templates (sales invoices, sales orders, offers) as you wish. You can customise the information shown on invoice rows, decide which general information is displayed and where, and, for example, what the footer of the invoice will look like. If you want, you can create various document templates for each document type.

Periodic invoices

In SimplBooks, you can easily prepare recurring invoices for your clients. After preparing an invoice for a client, you can use this invoice as a template for automatic periodic invoicing and sending. All you have to do is select the period, specify the end date and whether you want the invoice to be sent automatically.

Marit Meierau, raamatupidaja (Randemar OÜ)

“I find SimplBooks to be a very logical program. It was easy to learn and performing various actions is convenient. I use a large part of its functionality – sales, purchase, salaries, expense reports, fixed assets, accounting reports. All data can be filtered, which makes finding information quick in any field. The bank interface is such a convenient function – you no longer have to download the bank file, as everything is automatic. It links invoices paid from the bank with the client, all you have to do is approve it. Expense reports are also conveniently located in one place. The connection with the Tax Board is a very handy tool – it saves on clicks and time, and allows you to submit tax returns to the Tax Board in a single click.”

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