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9 reasons for a small business to choose SimplBooks accounting software (One Comment)

SimplBooks accounting software is designed to keep company accounting as simple as possible, so that small businesses can do all their accounting more conveniently and quickly. We are constantly developing to keep our software up to date – each year we release over 55 software updates, averaging one update per week. Businesses already have so many activities to do on a daily basis, sometimes holding ten jobs at a time, but we want to help you spend less time on accounting by providing very simple and user-friendly accounting software :)

The simplest and most convenient solution for a small business


1. SimplBooks accounting software is very simple and easy to use – from simple pricing and web based access to software design and automated features.

SimplBooks review

2. We always have helpful and friendly free customer support who can help you if you need help using SimplBooks. Feel free to call us at 040 024 0458 or write to We are in the office from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday and will be happy to help you! :) If you would like to find solutions yourself, see our user manuals here.

3. You can try SimplBooks software for 30 days free of charge and without any binding obligation. Try as you please, and even during the billing period, you can terminate the contract at any time without further payment obligations. You can register your account here or try DEMO version.

4. SimplBooks has a great price: all modules, free customer support and free upgrades with the basic package for only € 15.90/month (+ VAT). Find out more about our packages here. SimplBooks also comes with no extra fees – no costly surprises in addition to our monthly fee.

SimplBooks review

5. A lot of functionality for a small business – When you create an account, the program guides you conveniently through the necessary settings, from which you can even create and send your first sales invoice. Invoicing from an offer is quick and you can easily make a new one based on an existing invoice. New customer information can be uploaded directly from the Commercial Register to the sales invoice. You can choose from ready-made invoice designs or design your own invoice templates.

Entering purchase and sales invoices is very simple – the list gives you a quick and clear picture of paid and unpaid invoices. From sales orders can easily and automatically be generated prepayment invoices or sales invoices, and purchase invoices can be easily created from purchase orders. In addition, there is of course a payroll module, a warehouse module, free e-invoicing, all accounting with TSD, KMD, VD and other reports. Recently, integrations to e-shops such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Spopify have been added. In addition, we have interfaces with Envoice, CostPocket and Omniva e-invoicing centre.

6. Software updates are free – we do not charge any extra for updates. Updates are shared within the software, in our newsletter, on LinkedIn, and on our blog. You can also suggest yourself if you feel that the software is missing something that is important to you or needs to be changed! Constructive feedback is always very important to us :)

SimplBooks review

7. If you want to share data or tasks between different people, the advantage is that SimplBooks has an unlimited number of users. For example, you can create users with different rights for the accountant and the sales department. You can create exactly as many users as you need for your business. The accounting of your company is under your control and no one can “disappear” with the data.

8. 100% online software – You can use SimplBooks anywhere you go on the internet. A very convenient solution for those who travel a lot or are constantly on the move. A big plus is that even if something happens to your computer or mobile device, the data is all stored in the cloud and you can access it again at any time. In addition, software and data are securely protected and backed up.

9. More than 20,000 users are already actively using SimplBooks. We’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from both Facebook and Google. In the latter, with 84 reviews, our average user rating is a maximum of 4.8/5.

SimplBooks review

Our team consists of 16 excellent members, with whom we do our best to provide the simplest and most convenient accounting software :)

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Come try our DEMO version here or create an account and try it for a free 30 day trial. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us!

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