Great team, big plans
and rapid development

About us

SimplBooks is a fully online and modern accounting software solution whose main advantages are simplicity, ease of use and affordability. The software is primarily aimed at small businesses and accountants. We are a 100% Estonian startup with over 20,000 active users. SimplBooks has a credit rating of AA (very good). In addition to Estonia, we have expanded to the Finnish market and our team currently consists of 13 members.

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Rapid growth

SimplBooks is growing rapidly, and our aim this year is to offer the software on new foreign markets. In addition to Estonia and Finland, we are spreading our wings to other countries.  Due to our export plans, we are looking for new and enthusiastic team members.

Why SimplBooks?

areng ja kasv
We focus on development and growth

Over the past year, we have increased the number of clients and our turnover by nearly 40%, making us the first in our field in Estonia.  Thanks to the achievement, SimplBooks was given the 2022 Gazelle Award.

kokkuhoidev tiim
A tight-knit team

We are very friendly and open – we joke around, share our joys and concerns and go to lunch together. And we have an employer who truly cares about the wellbeing of their employees. We have monthly team events and participate in training.

Monthly sports allowance and massage in the office

In addition to the sports allowance, we get other benefits. And yes, we really do have the opportunity every month to enjoy a massage in the office.

pikem puhkus
Longer paid holidays

We offer longer paid holidays than required by law, plus an additional paid holiday for employees who have been with us for five years.

Remote Work

We offer flexible working hours and the opportunity for remote work.

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