A simple and clear overview of the company’s finances. The basic reports – balance sheet, income statement, cash flows and VAT return – are preset. The default settings have a detailed chart of accounts and preset automatic entries for the most common transactions. All of this allows for the easy set up of a functioning accounting system, even for beginners. However, you can change the chart of accounts and other presets, which makes SimplBooks flexible enough for experienced and more demanding accountants.

  • default settings include a chart of accounts
  • preset balance sheet, income statement, cash flows and VAT return
  • fixed assets with automatic calculation of depreciation
  • machine-to-machine interface with the Tax Board to submit VAT returns

Main ledger entries

If you have transactions that do not fit the scope of previously automated transactions, you can make main ledger entries. For example, transactions related to loans or leases, banking services, dividends etc. You can also easily edit previously entered transactions. To avoid accidental edits or deletions, simply lock previous periods. For example, at the end of each month.

Comparative reports

In SimplBooks, all accounting reports can be easily divided into shorter periods and compared to each other. You can compare the beginnings and endings of periods, as well as the same periods in different financial years. Report headers include easy-to-understand options for comparison and division into periods. Similar to main reports, comparative reports can be exported in different formats.

Interface with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for the submission of VAT returns

By activating the machine-to-machine interface with e-MTA, you can submit a completed VAT return in SimplBooks in just a few clicks. Whether you send an approved or unapproved declaration is up to you. The main VAT return and INF A and INF B annexes automatically go together. If the machine-to-machine interface is not for you, you can of course download the VAT return with annexes as a file suitable for the Tax Board.


Although SimplBooks has a preset chart of accounts, preset VAT rates, labour taxes and main reports, you can always supplement and edit them if you wish. After all, accounting is a creative job and we don’t want to limit you! Similarly, you can edit or delete entries if you make a mistake, but you can also lock periods to prevent any changes to them.

Marit Meierau, raamatupidaja (Randemar OÜ)

“I find SimplBooks to be a very logical program. It was easy to learn and performing various actions is convenient. I use a large part of its functionality – sales, purchase, salaries, expense reports, fixed assets, accounting reports. All data can be filtered, which makes finding information quick in any field. The bank interface is such a convenient function – you no longer have to download the bank file, as everything is automatic. It links invoices paid from the bank with the client, all you have to do is approve it. Expense reports are also conveniently located in one place. The connection with the Tax Board is a very handy tool – it saves on clicks and time, and allows you to submit tax returns to the Tax Board in a single click.”

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SimplBooks includes various reports to analyse the company’s income and expenses.

VAT, INF, VD, TSD reports

Reporting persons report

Accounts receivable and accounts payable

Worktime and holidays report

Fixed assets and projects report

Sales margin report

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