In addition to the reports described in the accounting section, the software features a number of other types of reports. There are various reports in the accounting menu for more detailed financial analysis, and in the reports menu for sales and purchase analysis. Besides sales and purchase reports, the reports menu includes labour and warehouse-related reports.

  • sales reports with an overview of receivables
  • purchase reports to analyse expenses with payments
  • accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • VAT and TSD reports (exportable)
  • fixed assets reports
  • and more…

Sales report

The sales report provides an overview of sales performance. It will give you aggregated information on issued sales invoices and receivables within a given period. The same report also includes information on sales by clients and items during the selected period. The data gathered in the report is visualised as graphs and the information can be exported in different file formats.


This is an important tool for accountants to monitor the balance of receivables and payables. In addition to standard statements required, for example, to check the balance of the balance sheet at the end of the year, SimplBooks allows you to extract ledgers by individual clients or for a specific period.

Labour reports

Various labour reports provide an overview of working time, holiday balance and labour taxes (TSD report). Holiday reports can be viewed for any date, including a future date. The TSD report displays the wage-related taxes that are subject to declaration in the selected period based on salaries paid. The TSD report can be exported in a format suitable for the Tax Board.

Sales margin report

If you sell goods, the sales margins report provides a good overview of your sales margins. For different input prices, the report provides an overview of the average margin as well as margins related to specific sales. However, the sales margin report only works with stock items.

Mairi Uiboaed, accountant

‘I believe SimplBooks to be one of the best offers on the market at the moment in terms of its functions and price. What I appreciate the most is that both my clients and myself, as an accountant, see the same data. In addition, the program allows you to create users with different permissions, if necessary. Everything you need is in a single software solution – salary, warehouse and other types of accounting, not to mention accounting reports. I would also really like to commend their customer support!’

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