An easy-to-manage list of clients and suppliers with extensive search and filter options. You can easily retrieve the data of clients operating in Estonia from the Business Register and add an unlimited number of delivery addresses and contact details for invoicing. When issuing invoices, an automatic note is saved about the client with the time, sender and content of the invoice.

  • retrieving company data from the Business Register
  • client/supplier-based settings
  • automatic log of invoices issued
  • delivery addresses and contact persons

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Data from the Business Register

When you create a sales or purchase invoice, SimplBooks automatically retrieves the data of your Estonian partners directly from the Business Register. Even a partial name is enough for the system to offer potential matches. Refreshing the previously entered data of your partners is just as easy.

Delivery addresses

You can link an unlimited number of delivery addresses to each partner. Delivery addresses can be displayed, for example, on PDF sales invoices. With the EDI interface, you can also use delivery addresses when selling goods to a specific store of a retail chain.

Mairi Uiboaed, raamatupidaja
(Kermalen OÜ)

“I believe SimplBooks to be one of the best offers on the market at the moment in terms of its functions and price. What I appreciate the most is that both my clients and myself, as an accountant, see the same data. In addition, the program allows you to create users with different permissions, if necessary. Everything you need is in a single software solution – salary, warehouse and other types of accounting, not to mention accounting reports. I would also really like to commend their customer support!”

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