Offers and orders

Offers and orders are part of the SimplBooks sales/purchase channel. On the sales side, you can enter price offers and sales orders. The PDF templates of these documents can be configured separately. On the sales side, offers and orders can be made into a proforma invoice or a final sales invoice in just a few clicks. On the purchasing side, you can also enter orders, which can be emailed to suppliers or used to easily prepare purchase invoices.

  • registers of offers and orders
  • sending offers and orders by email
  • easily make offers into sales invoices

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Making offers into sales invoices

Offers (and even orders) can be easily made into sales invoices at any time. To do so, there is a reference in the actions menu of the offer. Before approving a sales invoice, you can of course review and correct all the details.

Compatible with EDI

If you wish, you can connect sales orders to the Telema EDI solution. To do this, you must first contact Telema. Once the interface has been established, sales orders sent to Telema can be imported to SimplBooks either fully automatically or by clicking a button. Both 2DOC and 4DOC solutions are compatible.

Marko Lepik,

‘The biggest positive surprise, especially in the context of Estonian digital services, is the level and depth of SimplBooks’ customer service. I mainly create and send sales invoices, automatically import bank entries, link them to purchase invoices, do payroll and use the new function of sending VAT returns to the state in a single click. There was a period in which I had to process a lot of receipts and the CostPocket and SimplBooks integration helped me out. Functioning integrations are one of the best and strongest distinctions of SimplBooks. SimplBooks has one of the most intuitive user interfaces and is one of the most modern design solutions of everything I have tried in Estonia. Getting used to it should be quick and their customer support is great. By the way, you can do the quickest operations even on your smartphone. The SB team has always been open to feedback and questions. To solve a potential import bug, I was quickly asked to provide a sample of the XML file used. I like such detailed cooperation. Many large service providers either ignore bug reports or, even worse, explain why the user is stupid, not the logic of the environment. The responses of SB have been A+.’

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