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Customer stories: Localised Web (0)

Localised Web has been using SimplBooks for accounting more than one year and they are satisfied with how it integrates with their business.

Localised Web offers translation in 180+ language combinations for a wide range of sectors and subject fields with a focus on localization of digital media such as websites, apps, devices, videos, and software.

SimplBooks customer stories Localised Web

“Our core services include translation, review, subtitles, transcription, writing and terminology. We also offer SEO services such as keyword research and on-page optimization, so your website gets found when people search for your services or products in Google or other search engines,” introduces Localised Web manager Lajka Birkedal Hollesen.

Localised Web started in 2018 in Spain as a S.L. and moved to Estonia in 2019 where they continued the company as an OÜ. The founders are two Nordic linguists with many years of experience in the language industry and they partner with 300 linguists, a few developers and the US based digital marketing agency, SocialSEO. Localised Web is based on a set of values that they live by everyday such as gender equality, transparency, honesty, trust, respect, and commitment to customers.

Tailor-made solution for every client

Hollesen belives that in this company’s industry there is no model that fits to all clients: “When it comes to localization, and as a language service provider you should have a good understanding of the client’s business and market to tailor a proper solution for them. We approach our challenges as opportunities and see great potential in combining content localization with SEO and digital marketing services.”

Company’s mission is to help their clients enter new markets, expand their international customer base, and build online presence, traffic, and conversions. Some of the main challenges include demonstrating the value generated from translation and how much it would benefit the business of potential clients. Even though there is a great interest in localization and SEO, it can seem like an overwhelming task as it would include market research and choosing the right translation technology. “Thanks to our close partnerships with highly specialized professionals, we can help businesses with the whole process from website creation, translation, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing,” says Hollesen.


Main focus on translation and website localization

“Our focus is on translation and website localization where we make online products and services available in different languages and locations. We translate and optimize on-page elements that are important for international SEO to improve search engine rankings, organic traffic, and conversions. To ensure higher conversion rates we offer marketing translation, transcreation, subtitles and SEO translation in several languages,” says Hollesen about the important role of SEO.

Localised Web establishes agile workflows with the help of language technology such as Translation Management Systems, Machine Learning, SEO tool integrations and linguists with proven SEO experience.


Easy and swift invoicing process is the key in accounting

Hollesen describes experience with SimplBooks: “We have used SimplBooks for a year and are very happy with the seamless way it integrates with our business and accounting. We chose SimplBooks due the easy-to-use portal, extensive services and responsive and helpful customer service. In addition, there is an increasing number of accountants to choose from that are familiar with SimplBooks. Integration with business banking was also key in our decision to choose SimplBooks. Integration with business banking saves a lot of time for accounting and the many functions related to invoice management are a great help.”

Localised Web and SimplBooks

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